Anne McKeithen, Janet Pearson, and Andrew Sallans, members of the staff of Historical Collections at The Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, compiled the material for the Plague Book exhibit under the direction of Joan Echtenkamp Klein. Joaquin Bueno designed the Web exhibit and graphics, with the programming architecture of David Moody and the assistance of Bart Ragon.

Unless otherwise noted, the images are courtesy of the Missouri Botanical Garden, © 1995-2006 Missouri Botanical Garden They deserve special thanks for their generous permission to reproduce their exquisite illustrations. Special thanks are also given to Duane J. Osheim, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, of the Corcoran Department of History at the University of Virginia for his paper, "Plague and Public Health in Europe, with Special Reference to Sixteenth-Century England."

For permission to reproduce any of the text or images owned by Historical Collections and Services or to make comments or suggestions, please contact a member of Historical Collections.

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