The decoction bringeth down the menses, prevaileth against the bitings of venomous beasts, the inflammations of the intestines and reins.

The distilled water hereof is profitable to many, and for divers infirmities, it comforteth the weak, cold, and feeble stomach, easeth the pains and frettings of the guts and entrails proceeding of cold causes, it amendeth the evil color of the face, maketh sweet breath, and giveth a most pleasant taste unto divers sorts of meats, and maketh the same not only more pleasant, but also more wholesome for any bodies of what constitution soever they be, notwithstanding the binding quality.

The oil drawn chemically prevaileth against the pains of the breast, comforteth the stomach, breaketh windiness, causeth good digestion, and being mixed with some honey, taketh away spots from the face being anointed therewith.

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