Danewort (Wall-wort)

The roots of Wall-wort boiled in wine and drunken are good against the dropsy, for they purge downwards watery humors.

The leaves consume and waste way hard swellings, if they be applied poulticewise, or in a fomentation or bath.

Dioscorides saith, that the roots of Wall-wort do soften and open the matrix, and also correct the infirmities thereof, if they be boiled in a bath to sit in; and dissolve the swellings and pains of the belly.

The juice of the root of Danewort maketh the hair black.

The young and tender leaf quencheth hot inflammations, applied with Barley meal. It is with good success laid upon burnings, scaldings, and the bitings of mad dogs; and with Bulls tallow or Goats suet it is a remedy for the gout.

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