Enula Campana (Elecampane)

It is good for shortness of breath, and an old cough, and for such as cannot breathe unless they hold their necks upright.

It is of great virtue both given in a lohoch, which is a medicine to be licked on, and likewise preserved, also otherwise given to purge and void out thick, tough, and clammy humours, which stick in the chest and lungs.

The root preserved is good and wholesome for the stomach...

The juice of the same boiled, driveth forth all kind of worms of the belly ... the same being chewed fasting, doth fasten the teeth.

The root of Elecampane is with good success mixed with counterpoisons: it is a remedy against the bitings of serpents, it resisteth poison: it is good for them that are bursten and troubled with cramps and convulsions....

Galen saith, that herewith the parts are to be made red, which be vexed with long and cold griefs: as are divers passions of the huckle bones, called the Sciatica, and little and continual bunnies and looseness of certain joints, by reason of overmuch moisture....

The root of Enula boiled very soft, and mixed in a mortar with fresh butter and the powder of Ginger, maketh an excellent ointment against the itch, scabs, manginess, and such like.

Gerard, p. 793.

Lohoch=Linctus:  A medicine to be licked up with the tongue. Oxford English Dictionary

Bunny: A lump, hump, or swelling; spec. a soft watery swelling on the joints of animals. Oxford English Dictionary

Köhler, 90. Courtesy of the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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