The fruit of the Juniper tree doth cleanse the liver and kidneys, as Galen testifieth: it also makes thin clammy and gross humors. It is used in counterpoisons and other wholesome medicines....

This is also drunk against poisons and pestilent fevers, and it is not unpleasant in the drinking: when the first water is almost spent, the vessel is again filled up with fresh.

The smoke of the leaves and wood drives away serpents and all infection and corruption of the air, which bring the plague or such like contagious diseases: the juice of the leaves is laid on with wine, and also drunk against the bitings of the viper.

The ashes of the burned bark being applied with water take away scurf and filth of the skin....

The fume and smoke of the gum doth stay phlegmatic humors that distill out of the head....

It killeth all manner of worms in the belly, it stayeth the menses and hemorrhoids: it is commended also against spitting of blood, it drieth hollow ulcers and filleth them with flesh, if it be cast thereon: being mixed with oil of Roses it healeth chops in the hands and feet.

Gerard, p. 1373.

Köhler, 53. Courtesy of the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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