Morfus diaboli

There is no better thing against old swellings of the Almonds, and upper parts of the throat that be hardly ripened.

It cleanseth away slimy phlegm that sticketh in the jaws, it digesteth and consumeth it: and it quickly taketh away the swellings in those parts, if the decoction thereof be often held in the mouth and gargarized, especially if a little quantity of Mel Rosarum, or honey of Roses be put into it.

It is reported to be good for the infirmities that Scabious serveth for, and to be of no less force against the stingings of venomous beasts, poisons, and pestilent diseases, and to consume and waste away plague sores, being stamped and laid upon them.

And also to mitigate the pains of the matrix or mother, and to drive forth wind, if the decoction thereof be drunk.

Gerard, p. 726.

Almonds: The tonsils: also called almonds of the throat, jaws, or ears. Oxford English Dictionary

Gargarize: trans. To wash or cleanse (the mouth or throat) with a gargle. Oxford English Dictionary

Blackwell, Herbarium Blackwellianum emendatum, p. 142. Courtesy of the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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