Before meat they cause vomiting, especially the rind; which as it is more biting than the inner substance, so doth it with more force cause that effect....

The root sliced and laid over-night in white or Rhenish wine, and drunk in the morning, drives out urine and gravel mightily, but in taste and smell it is very loathsome.

The root stamped with honey and the powder of a sheeps heart dried, causeth hair to grow in short space.

The seed causeth vomit, provoketh urine, and being drunk with honied vinegar, it killeth & driveth forth worms.

The root stamped with the meal of Darnel and a little white wine vinegar, takes away all black and blue spots, and bruised blemishes of the face.

The root boiled in broth, and the decoction drunk, is good against an old cough; it moves womens sickness, and causeth much milk.

Gerard, p. 239.

Weinmann, N 860. Courtesy of the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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