Rosemary is given against all fluxes of blood; it is also good, especially the flowers thereof, for all infirmities of the head and brain, proceeding of a cold and moist cause; for they dry the brain, quicken the senses and memory, and strengthen the sinewy parts....

...Rosemary is a remedy against the stuffing of the head, that commeth through coldness of the brain, if a garland thereof be put about the head....

The distilled water of the flowers of Rosemary being drunk at morning and evening first and last, taketh away the stench of the mouth and breath, and maketh it very sweet, if there be added thereto, to steep or infuse for certain days, a few Cloves, Mace, Cinnamon, and a little Anise seed.

The Arabians and other Physicians succeeding, do write, that Rosemary comforteth the brain the memory, the inward senses, and restoreth speech unto them that are possessed with the dumb palsy, especially the conserve made of the flowers and sugar, or any other way confected with sugar, being taken every day fasting

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Köhler, 122. Courtesy of the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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