The decoction thereof is good against hot burnings and choleric agues: it allayeth the heat of the blood, and tempereth the overmuch heat of the liver.

The fruit or berries are good for the same things, and be also profitable for hot Lasks, and for the bloody flux, and they stay all manner of superfluous bleedings.

The green leaves of the Barberry bush stamped and made into sauce as that made of Sorrel, called Green-sauce, doth cool hot stomachs, and those that are vexed with hot burning agues, & procureth appetite.

A conserve made of the fruit and sugar performeth all those things before remembered, & with better force and success.

The roots of the tree steeped for certain days together in strong lye made with the ashes of the Ash tree, and the hair often moistened therewith, maketh it yellow.

Gerard, p. 1326.

Jaume Saint-Hilaire, Traité des arbrisseaux.  Courtesy of the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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