Avicenna affirmeth, That it causeth head-ache, and is hurtful to the brain, which it cannot do by taking it now and then, but by too much using of it; for the too much using of it cutteth off sleep, through want whereof the head and senses are out of frame. But the moderate use thereof is good for the head, and maketh the senses more quick and lively, shaketh off heavy and drowsy sleep, and maketh a man merry....

It is also such a special remedy for those that have consumption of the lungs, and are, as we term it, at deaths door, and almost past breathing, that it bringeth breath again, and prolongeth life for certain days, if ten or twenty grains at the most be given with new or sweet Wine. For we have found by often experience, that being taken in that sort, it presently and in a moment removeth away difficulty of breathing, which most dangerously and suddenly happeneth.

The weight of ten grains of Saffron, the kernels of Walnuts two ounces, Figs two ounces, Mithridate one dram, and a few Sage leaves stamped together with a sufficient quantity of Pimpernel water, and made into a mass or lump, and kept in a glass for your use, and thereof 12 grains given in the morning fasting, preserveth from the pestilence, and expelleth it from those that are infected.

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