Dry Nuts taken fasting with a fig and a little Rue withstand poison, prevent and preserve the body from the infection of the plague, and being plentifully eaten they drive worms forth of the belly.

The green and tender Nuts boiled in Sugar...are a most pleasant and delectable meat, comfort the stomach, and expel poison.

The oil of Walnuts made in such manner as oil of Almonds, maketh smooth the hands and face, and taketh away scales or scurf, black and blue marks that come of stripes or bruises....

With onions, salt, and honey, they are good against the biting of a mad dog or man, if they be laid upon the wound.

Being both eaten, and also applied, they heal in short time, as Dioscorides saith, Gangrenes, Carbuncles, ægilops, and the pilling away of the hair....

The outward green husk of the Nuts hath a notable binding faculty.

Gerard, p. 1441.

ægilops: Med. An ulcer or fistula in the inner angle of the eye. Oxford English Dictionary

Köhler, 4. Courtesy of the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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