Wheat (Wheat flower)

Raw Wheat, saith Dioscorides, being eaten, breedeth worms in the belly: being chewed and applied, it doth cure the biting of mad dogs.

The flour of wheat being boiled with honey and water, or with oil and water, taketh away all inflammations, or hot swelling.

The bran of Wheat boiled in strong Vinegar, cleanseth away scurf and dry scales, and dissolveth the beginning of all hot swellings, if it be laid unto them. And boiled with the decoction of Rue, it slacketh the swellings in womens breasts....

The meal of Wheat mingled with the juice of Henbane, and plasterwise applied, appeaseth inflammations...staying the flux of humors to the joints, which the Græcians call Rheumatismata. Paste made of fine meal, such as Book-binders use, helpeth such as do spit blood....

The leaven made of Wheat hath virtue to heat and draw outward, it resolveth, concocteth, and openeth all swellings, bunches, tumors, and felons, being mixed with salt.

Gerard, p. 66.

Köhler, 87. Courtesy of the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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