Bay leaves

Dioscorides saith that the leaves are good for the diseases of the mother and bladder, if a bath be made thereof to bathe and sit in: that the green leaves do gently bind, that being applied they are good against the stingings of wasps and Bees: that with barley meal parched and bread they assuage all kind of inflammations: and that being taken in drink they mitigate the pain of the stomach, but procure vomit....

It is reported that common drunkards were accustomed to eat in the morning fasting two leaves thereof against drunkenness.

The later Physicians do often use to boil the leaves of Laurel with divers meats, especially fishes, and by so doing there happeneth no desire of vomiting, but the meat seasoned herewith becometh more savory and better for the stomach.

Gerard, p. 1406.

Jaume Saint-Hilaire, Traité des arbrisseaux.  Courtesy of the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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