Galen writeth, That they provoke the hemorrhoids to bleed if they be laid upon them either by themselves, or stamped with vinegar.

The juice of Onions snuffed up into the nose, purgeth the head, and draweth forth raw phlegmatic humors.

Stamped with Salt, Rue, and Honey, and so applied, they are good against the biting of a mad Dog.

Roasted in the embers and applied, they ripen and break cold Apostumes, Biles, and such like.

The juice of Onions mixed with the decoction of Pennyroyal, and anointed upon the gouty member with a feather, or a cloth wet therein, and applied, easeth the same very much.

The juice anointed upon a piled or bald head in the Sun, bringeth the hair again very speedily.

The juice taketh away the heat of scalding with water or oil, as also burning with fire & gunpowder, as is set forth by a very skilful Surgeon Mr William Clowes one of the Queens Surgeon; and before him by Ambrose Pare, in his treatise of wounds made by gun-shot.

Gerard, p. 170-1.

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